Urgent Care Housing

Urgent Care Use of Park Models

There are several counties in the State of California that allow the placement of Park Model Homes on private property for Urgent Care of a Loved One.

Who wants to place their loved one in an assisted living home at a minimum cost of $2,500-$3,500 per month and often several thousand more, when they can live in a Park Home, on your property in certain cases. There is little doubt, that family does a much better job of caring for those in need, than a third party, except in extreme situations. The monthly cost for a new Park Home, set up on your property, is a fraction of the cost for traditional assisted living homes.

While all counties are a little different, they basically allow for the temporary occupancy of Park Homes, on property for urgent care of a family member, as determined by a letter from a doctor. Permits vary in length but are usually extended as long as the need remains.

We believe it is critical to the health and wellbeing of the person needing the care, that the Park Home be as comfortable and livable as possible. Therefore, we are proposing the use of our Park Model Trailers which by California Health and Safety Code Section 18010 & 18009.3 qualify as an approved RV.

Unlike most RV’s, our Park Home units are 11’2”-13’4” wide with lengths up to 35’ long. Maximum square footage is 399. The base unit is single level (although some will choose to add a storage loft), can have a front covered porch up to 10’ in length, has modern, standard sized appliances, full size bathrooms (not your typical tiny RV baths with plastic toilets) heat and air conditioning available and a host of options. We feel a person’s comfort is critical to their health and wellbeing.

How it Works

Canterbury Cabins has assembled a team of professionals to build this project for you with a minimum of effort on your part. All of us have been in the manufactured home industry for many years and know how to “get things done”. You will get to select your floor plan and options to customize this Park Home to your needs. Permits and all construction is handled by our team of experts. You can either write a check or we have financing plans available.

Our Team

Canterbury Cabins, Inc.
(530) 899-3336

Steve Canterbury, President.

Steve has been in the Manufactured Home and Park Model RV business for over 20 years. He has been instrumental in building and coordinating the setup of hundreds of housing units. His function is to oversee all aspects of your home design and installation.

Dawn Blankenheim, Housing Consultant.

With twenty years in the Manufactured Housing Industry, she is extremely qualified to assist in all aspects of your new home’s purchase. Dawn has a backround in design and will work extremely hard to provide you with any type of customization and color choices available.

North Valley Permit Services

Jack Andrews, owner. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Jack is the perfect guy to handle all your permits. He knows the right questions to ask to streamline the permit process. He will prepare all forms and detailed plot plan for your approval and submit everything needed to the proper departments (planning, building and environmental health). He will work with all departments to obtain your permits as timely as possible.

Smalley Construction

Bob Smalley, owner. Bob has been involved in the manufactured home industry for many years, first getting involved over 15 years ago. He has since moved on to a full-service construction company with numerous employees. They do everything from custom home building and remolding to manufactured home setup and mini-storage construction. They will get your new park model setup quickly and efficiently.

Email us at info@canterburycabins.com with your contact information and we can get this process started.